Prevention vs. Treatment

Here at Trutek Corp.®, we are firm believers in the old proverb "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Why spend time, money, energy, and sometimes even pain, treating allergy symptoms?
Instead, the idea for AllergieBLOCK started with one simple thought… What if we could prevent allergens from even getting into our systems?
No allergens means no symptoms to treat.

Most allergy medications treat allergic reactions after the suffering starts. As soon as the medicine starts to wear off, those symptoms start coming back in full force…because typical allergy products mask symptoms rather than eliminating them.  Sometimes these “cures” even cause worse side effects.

AllergieBLOCK, when used as directed, prevents allergic reactions such as sneezing, nasal congestion, runny and itchy nose. And – no side effects!

So remember to apply NasalGuard Allergie®BLOCK® and prevent pollen, dust, pet dander, and ragweed before they trigger any reactions.

Cost Comparison

BrandDose/ApplicationUnitCost Per Day*
Allegra D - 24 Hour Allergy Relief 420 mg 1 Tablet $1.69
Benadryl - Allergy ULTRATAB 25 mg 1 Tablet $1.16
Claritin D - 24 Hour 245 mg 1 Tablet $1.38
Zyrtec D - 12 Hour Allergy Tablet 125 mg 1 Tablet $1.90
NasalGuard® AllergieBLOCK® 20 mg 1 Drop $0.52

*Based upon major retail pricing

Product Comparison

EffectsAllergieBLOCKAntihistaminesDecongestantsCombination Allergy Drugs
Blocks Airborne Allergens Yes No No No
Prevents Allergies Yes No No No
No Side Effects Yes No No No
Does Not Require Ingestion or Inhalation Yes No No No
Topical Gel Yes No No No
Drug-Free Yes No No No
Does Not Cause Drowsiness Yes No No No

Comparison based on information supplied on product websites and sales materials