Kids Allergy Relief

Hay fever allergy is one of the common allergies that affect an estimated 50 million people in the US. Children are often the worst affected, as the symptoms of the allergy often appear during early or late childhood.

Any child may be affected by allergic problems, and it is a common chronic disease among them. Children who have a family medical history of allergies often inherit the tendency to be affected by hay fever allergy.

There is no sure way to determine whether a child will or will not have the allergic condition. The symptoms of hay fever allergy often occur during spring or fall, but it can be a perennial condition too. Continuous allergy and its symptoms may affect the daily lives of children.

The common name ‘hay fever’ is a misnomer though. The cause of the allergy isn’t hay and the symptoms do not include fever. The right term for the problem is allergic rhinitis, an allergic condition that affects the nose.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis include nasal congestion, runny itchy nose, red teary eyes, chronic ear problems, continuous sneezing, and postnasal drip. At times, headaches and difficulty in breathing may also occur.

Kids Nasal Congestion Relief

An active allergic condition is often the cause of continuous nasal congestion, a problem that tends to become chronic with time. For a child, complete blockage of the nasal passage may result in difficulty in normal breathing.

The problem of a blocked nose is aggravated when children are asleep. As they cannot breathe through the nose, they do it through their mouths. Nights of restless slumber are followed by days feeling tired and unwell.

Lack of sleep due to nasal tract blockage also results in lack of attention and concentration in children. If steps to solve the problem aren’t taken on time, the facial bones and teeth formation may be adversely affected.

Be it at school, sports, social events or during the holidays, the annoying symptoms of hay fever affect the lives of kids and make it difficult for them to enjoy and participate. They may have to miss school or be unsuccessful in studies because of this problem.

What should you do to help your kids stay happy and healthy? The solution is right here; NasalGuard Allergy Blocking Gel prevents the onset of the allergic reaction in kids and helps them fight hay fever. The drug-free AllergieBLOCK gel is safe and effective in combating allergic rhinitis.

How NasalGuard Helps Kids Achieve Relief from Allergies

With NasalGuard Allergy Blocking Gel, you can be sure that your kids will not be affected by the seasonal or perennial allergies triggered by allergens such as pollen, pet dander, mold, dust, and so on. This protective gel is ideal to curb the threat of allergies.

How does NasalGuard Allergy Blocking Gel work? Once applied, the gel creates a protective layer that prevents the allergens from the environment from entering the nose of children and helps them stay safe from any allergic reaction.

When allergens cannot come inside the nasal tract, there is no chance of the body’s immune system to react and lead to the inflammation of the nasal passage. Easy to use and portable, the gel is the right remedy you seek for kids’ allergy relief.

Limiting exposure to allergens and using the NasalGuard Allergy Blocking Gel can help your kids stay happy and healthy throughout the year. With it, children can avoid problematic symptoms that affect their studies and play.

NasalGuard Allergy Blocking Gel protects your kids from the annoying symptoms of hay fever or more accurately allergic rhinitis any time of year.