Nasal & Sinus Congestion Relief

NasalGuard Gel is a preventative topical gel for nasal & sinus congestion relief that is safe for everyone.
Over 12 Million people worldwide have benefited to stop seasonal allergies or perennial allergies.

Why NasalGuard Gel?

Are you sick and tired from sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose caused by hay fever, pollen, dust or pet dander? Are you looking for a safe, effective and affordable allergy relief product to handle your seasonal allergies? Would you be thrilled if the product is drug-free, non-drowsy, does not interfere with medications and helps prevent allergies?

Then help is here with NasalGuard Gel! Now you can say goodbye to sneezing, sinus congestion, itchy and runny nose, and say hello to freedom from allergies!

NasalGuard® Allergy Blocking Gel is a topical gel that is drug free and FDA registered. NasalGuard Gel is safe for the whole family - including children, pregnant women, nursing moms, adults and seniors. It is effective in protecting against seasonal allergies and perennial allergies alike, whether triggered outdoors or indoors.

Much more than a simple balm, NasalGuard Gel has patented technology and uses a slight positive-electrostatic charge that captures negatively-charged airborne particles outside of the nose. Just like wearing sunscreen beforehand to protect you from damaging sun rays, simply apply NasalGuard early and often to protect you from airborne allergens and sinus congestion. NasalGuard gel is applied around the outside of the nostrils and on the skin between the upper lip and nose. Not to worry, the gel is invisible and can be worn under or over makeup.