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I bought this out of desperation, I can't use OTC allergy meds and I was having reoccurring sinus infections. I have been using this for 3 days and I can actually breathe again!

- Janet L.

My purchase of two tubes of NasalGuard was delivered promptly with no damage from shipping. I am a long-time user of NasalGuard and have referred numerous friends to the great performance and effectiveness of your product.

- Greg B.

Thank you so much for my second Nasal Guard shipment. NasalGuard gel has been working great to keep the family healthy during the worst cold and flu season we've had in many years.

- Ed from Sacramento

I tried this product on a whim. The person sitting next to me on a plane was using it and let me try it after I asked what she was doing. I was pretty skeptical that this gel could do what it claimed but I have to admit that it had a refreshing scent and I left the plane not feeling icky like I normally do. It dried quickly and wasn't irritating at all, I could see myself using this when I'm in crowded and germy places like the doctor's office.

- Alex S.

I cannot recommend this product more strongly.

- Carol F.

This stuff works great when I visit my friends who have cats.

- Susan H.

I LOVE it! Works great with absolutely no side effects since it's not medicine! Does exactly what it's supposed to - block the nasties from getting in your snout to begin with.

- Margaret W.

This is the only product that helps with my allergies when I visit my parents and all of their cats.

- Rita H.

A must for cat owners who want visitors. I love this stuff. I have two cats and my allergic friends were somewhat reluctant to visit. Now I keep a tube of this and they all swear by it. No more red eyes, sneezing and leaving early.

- Anonymous

Great product, great price! A very small dab of this stuff under the nostrils above the upper lip and no sneezing!

- Sue R.

I use this product while traveling. It is great and it really works. You have to apply every 4-5 hours as indicated.

- M.P.

I use this when going into smokey environments, like restaurants that still allow smoking, my mom's house, etc, it helps keep the itch out of my eyes and nose. It’s really good, I highly recommend it.

- Anonymous

Love this product. It works well as long as you apply the product as recommended. I highly recommend this product.

- M.P.

NasalGuard was a pleasant surprise for my last trip on a crowded plane. I saw an ad and figured I would give it a shot. I don't know if it's the crowded seats or the stale cabin air – something about flying makes me feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I put on the gel after I got to my seat before takeoff and when I landed, I didn't feel run down like I usually do. I used NasalGuard on the flight home, and plan to bring it with me again the next time I fly.

- Brian M.

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