How to Use NasalGuard

NasalGuard uses electrostatic technology to create an invisible filter around the outside of your nasal passages. With a mild electrostatic charge, this topical gel reduces inhalation of particles as small as rhinovirus, pet dander, or pollen, along with many other pollutants and airborne contaminants.

You won’t see the particle blocking in action, but a pin-sized drop or two of NasalGuard restricts thousands of fine and ultrafine particles from entering your system for up to six hours by either attracting the particles to stick to the gel rather than being inhaled, or by repelling the particles away from your nose in the first place.

Arrive at your destination without feeling the effects of contaminated air found in crowded airplane cabins.

Show love for your furry friends without experiencing allergies from pet dander.

Limit your exposure to harmful airborne particles found on public tranportation.

How to Use NasalGuard

NasalGuard is convenient to carry and simple to apply. Using your finger, rub a pin-sized drop or two of the gel around your nostrils and above the upper lip. Once the gel is applied, it dries quickly and invisibly so you can go about your day.

Use NasalGuard regularly for everyday protection, or apply the gel just prior to situations where you’re more likely to encounter contaminated air. Reapply the gel every four to six hours, and after anytime your nose or face becomes wet.