Allergy Remedies & Treatments

Allergy Causes & Symptoms

Why do you get an allergic reaction? When an allergen enters the body, the immune system considers it a threat and reacts to it in a specific manner. Thus the apparently harmless pollen, pet dander, or smoke can lead to the troublesome symptoms of an allergic reaction.

What causes an allergy? It can be any substance that the body treats as a potential threat. Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common chronic diseases that affects people and makes it difficult to lead a happy healthy life.

What are allergy symptoms? In most cases of allergic rhinitis, the symptoms include red teary eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, itchy runny nose, and swelling. Allergy relief is necessary to get rid of these irritating symptoms.

How does an allergy develop? When you inhale an allergen, it attaches to the allergic antibodies (immunoglobulin E) that exist in the nasal cell membranes. This leads to the release of histamines and leukotrienes, which dilate the small blood vessels and lead to congestion.

Nasal & Sinus Congestion Relief

Remedies for nasal congestion aim to prevent the onset of the reaction, as there is no sure cure for it. It may be a good idea to try to prevent exposure to the allergen, but it isn’t always possible. This makes it all the more important to find a natural allergy relief.

What kind of allergy do you have? You need to have a clear idea about the types.
  • Seasonal allergies are the ones that people experience at a certain time of the year.
  • Perennial allergies are the ones that affect people throughout the year.
Whatever the type, you need to find the right natural allergy medicine.

Causes of Seasonal Allergies

Pollen from trees, grass, weeds, fungus, mold spores, and other allergens are the main causes of seasonal allergies. Be it spring, summer, or fall, you may become a victim of the problematic symptoms of these allergies.

Spring, the season when most plants and trees pollinate, is one of the worst times of the year for those who have seasonal allergies. High pollen count in the environment means you have to be extra careful not to trigger your allergy.

Summer, the time to enjoy the outdoors, may also not be the ideal time to stay outside if you are allergic to pollen from grass and weeds. But you cannot stay indoors at all times, thus you need to find the right seasonal allergy relief.

Fall is the time to go back to school. But kids often miss school because the pollen from weeds trigger an allergic reaction with symptoms such as sneezing, itchy runny nose, watery red eyes and coughing.

Winter time becomes difficult due to the presence of fungus spores in the air. It is necessary to find the perfect nasal congestion relief that will work to protect you from the onset of an allergic reaction.

Remedies & Treatments for Seasonal Allergies

A common approach to treating seasonal allergies is to take drugs – usually after the onset of allergy symptoms. Drug-based pills, gels and sprays are available as over the counter or prescription products.

Beware of these medicines though because they make people drowsy, or have other side effects. And of course those taking medications for other conditions may be worried about interactions with allergy relief drug products. Often overlooked are the warnings on allergy drugs which instruct consumers not to take these more than a few months per year. So there is a limited time window available to use drug-based allergy medicines for seasonal allergy treatment and for chronic allergy treatment.

Remedies & Treatments for Chronic Allergies

Allergic Rhinitis is one of the most common chronic ailments that bother people. Moreover, if there is a medical history of allergies in the family, you may be more at risk of getting an allergy. It usually becomes perceivable in the early years – infancy, childhood, and teenage years.

You need to limit exposure to the allergen that triggers the reaction. Along with this, you need to find the right nasal congestion treatment. NasalGuard gel is a clear, safe, drug-free formula that protects your nasal tract from the allergens.

Remedies & Treatments for Natural Allergy Relief

Consider natural allergy treatments for nasal congestion which include keeping a clean environment by replacing carpets with wood flooring, keeping windows closed and using the air conditioner. Take care to clean your clothes and bedding often and especially when returning from the outdoors and from other airborne allergen prone areas - like the home of a friend with a pet cat or dog.

Be it seasonal allergies treatment or remedy for perennial allergies, NasalGuard creates an invisible layer of protection that doesn’t let allergens enter the nasal passage. With regular use, you can be sure of its benefits.


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